iStick 50W by eLeaf Review

eLeaf has released their newest model of iStick. They really set the bar high with their last model, the iStick 30W, but are trying to surpass themselves with giving the vaporizer 20 more watts. Does is stack up to the hype that it’s created? Is its low price foreshadowing of its low quality? I had a chance to test the iStick 50W and here are my thoughts.

The thing I am most excited about so I’ll mention it first is that the battery charging port is now on the side instead of on the bottom. It still comes with the pass-through feature so you can vape while the device is charging, but now you can stand it up. This unit is definitely one of the best box mods you can buy for a very reasonable price.

The next thing, another cosmetic feature that I love is that the fire button is much larger. It’s still on the side, so there isn’t a change in location, just the size. It makes for a more comfortable grip, in my opinion. The more round design feels super good in the hand as well. The power arrow buttons are still in the same spot to easily adjust the wattage. By pressing both buttons you can lock the device so you don’t accidentally adjust the wattage mid vape.

The iStick 50W comes with the spring pin so that it is compatible to almost any atomizer. This is one of those features that now that it has been introduced, will never go away. If a vaporizer doesn’t have a custom pin mod, then don’t spend the money.

With all of the talk of security, I really like that there’s a temperature alarm feature. Personally, I’m not a van of a really hot vape. (I know, why did you buy the 50W? you’re asking.) If the temperature of the device reaches over 70 degrees Celcius, the output automatically shuts off and the indicator displays a temperature alert for 5 seconds. Keeping us safe, keep it up, iStick!

Now for the important part: The vape experience itself. I really liked the 30W model. I usually vape on about 20-22W. What can I say, I’m a lightweight. I tried it at my normal 22W, and I was impressed, just as I was with the 30W. Of course, I knew that I had to be a little but more adventurous if I wanted to really test the 50W.

Spoiled alert, I didn’t go all the way up to 50W. I did however try 40W. Wow. It was absolutely a much warmer vape, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared. Again, this is just a personal preference and not an attack on the iStick itself. The flavor was very intense, more than I usually like, and once again, just my personal preference.

The price of the 50W is pretty pocket friendly too. The website is offering it for $59.99. That’s 10 bucks cheaper than it usually is. There’s free shipping for orders $30 and up, so you’ll score that.

All in all, the iStick 50W definitely lives up to the hype. I know I didn’t give you the full 50W experience, but I can see that if you’re into a stronger vape that you’ll be more than satisfied. The part I liked most is that charging port relocation. It’s been my biggest complaint. Easy charging, easy feel, easy vaping. I strongly recommend the iStick 50W for anyone who enjoys a warmer, stronger vape and doesn’t want to spent a boat load of money on a more expensive model of a box mod vaporizer.

Two thumbs up, iStick. I’m impressed.

Was It Easy for Me to Switch to Electronic Cigarettes?


For some people, the fear of quitting traditional cigarettes is simply too daunting.  It’s habitual, addicting and consistently delivers pleasure.

The thought of switching to something different just isn’t worth it.

However, for me, the benefits of e-cigs made it appealing enough.  Besides, by the time I learned about e-cigs I was already on the nicotine gum.  Obviously puffing e-cigs is more enjoyable than the gum (although I still chew the gum as well).

That said, I’m sure had I tried an e-cigarette while still smoking traditional cigarettes, I’d have been able to give up traditional cigarettes.  Sure, I loved smoking … I loved everything about it (except health consequences).

And since I believe e-cigs are probably better for you than traditional cigarettes (I have no evidence of this and I’m not saying it’s fact … just my belief based on the ingredients).

I have one family member who switched from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes easily and has been off cigarettes for more than a year.

I have another family member who tried e-cigarettes, but they just didn’t do it for him.

E-cigs won’t appeal to everyone.  However, they are certainly worth trying.  Most starter kits include enough vapor that it comes out to the same cost as the same number of cigarette packs.

For me, staying off traditional cigarettes isn’t tough at all with a combination of e-cigs and gum.  I feel a heck of a lot better than I did when I smoked cigarettes.  I don’t need as much sleep, I work out at the gym more, and I take deeper breaths.

I’ll end with this …

Before  e-cigs I had a heck of time quitting smoking.  I tried everything (the patch, Champix, cold turkey, self-hypnosis … none of it worked for me).  The gum did work for me and now being an e-cig user as well, I’m very comfortable in not smoking traditional cigarettes.

Just so you know, It’s been 14 months since I had my last cigarette, and that was a 3 day slip.  I had 6 months before that.  E-cigs and gum are the ticket for me.

5 Benefits of Switching to Electronic Cigarettes from Traditional Cigarettes

It’s been a while since I had a real cigarette.  I first kicked the habit with nicotine gum … because I didn’t know there was such a thing as electronic cigarettes (where was I hiding out)?

Anyway, as soon as a I tried an e-cig, I ordered up a kit.  I love these things.  It’s the ultimate smoking solution.  I still chew the gum, but with e-cigs I get my “coffee breaks” and driving my car is fun again.

I chew the gum because my wife and I have a new son and I don’t want to use the e-cig in the house.  I’m sure there’s no harm, but one never knows.  If it were just my wife and I, it wouldn’t be a problem.  But a baby … I’m erring on the side of caution.  Same thing with the family vehicle.

Please don’t take this as any statement or opinion that second hand e-cigarette vapor is bad.  The point is nobody can say with 100% certainty it isn’t and because there’s a baby in the picture, I’m not chancing it.  Besides, I’m so used to going outside to smoke, it’s not an imposition to do so with an e-cig.

Despite the some unknowns about e-cigs given they’re relatively new on the market, there are some clear benefits to using them over traditional cigarettes.

The benefits of electronic cigarettes are as follows (as I see them):

1.  Cheaper

Unless you triple your smoking, e-cigarettes are much less expensive than cigarettes in most states and certainly in Canada.  In fact, if you smoke the same amount (i.e. same number of puffs each day, you’ll save 50 to 65%.

Chances are though, you’ll smoke a little more because it is cheaper, you can use them in more places and the perception is they are healthier (I’m not saying they are because I can’t make that statement, but it’s commonly perceived to be cheaper).

2.  You don’t stink

I tended not to care about smelling like a cigarette when I smoked.  I wasn’t ashamed of being a smoker.  I don’t see it as a moral failure.  In fact it’s not a moral issue at all.  Therefore, if I smelled like smoke, I didn’t care.

Fortunately, smoke didn’t stick to me all that much … but it did sometimes.  I’d get the “I didn’t know you smoked” comment when around people I don’t see that often.

However, e-cigs are odorless as far as I can tell.  My wife, who has a keen sense of smell can’t smell it (not that that is scientific proof or anything but it’s something).  The second hand vapor doesn’t stick to your hands, clothing, stink up the space or turn your breath into an ashtray.3.

3.  Can use it in more places

This is a huge e-cig benefit.  You can use it many more places than a real cig … and that’s just extra awesome.  I got so tired of not being able to smoke anywhere.  The latest law on the books in my neck of the woods is we must be 3 meters from any public doorway.  Well, that’s pretty much impossible unless you’re going to smoke in the street.

I hope lawmakers don’t apply the same restrictions to e-cigs.  I really hope they don’t.  They don’t bother anyone.  They should be permitted wherever you want.

4.  No tar or smoke

You don’t ingest tar or smoke with e-cigs.  Does this make e-cigs healthy?  I can’t say one way or another because at the time this post was published, the FDA doesn’t permit anyone from advertising or making statements that e-cigarettes are healthy.

I’m sure one day there will be firmer conclusions.  Until then, you conclude what you like about the fact e-cigs don’t have tar or smoke.

No ashes to burn up clothing and vehicle upholstery

5.  Reduce nicotine intake

With e-cigs you can buy juice with lots, little or no nicotine.  This way you can wean off nicotine dependance.  I’m not at the weaning stage, but the potential of it is great.


I can’t say e-cigs are healthier or not.  It’s inconclusive at this point for the regulators.  I guess they’re being prudent on this issue.  After all, with e-cigs you do inhale something.  I guess after the original cigarette debacle where for years it was never discussed as bad despite clear evidence they were that regulators are playing this one super safe.

I suspect most e-cig users believe they’re healthier.  That belief is the primary reason people switch.  Sure, saving a few bucks and not stinking is great, but if it weren’t for the perception that e-cigs are healthier, they wouldn’t be as popular as they are.

Overall I Feel Better

Although I don’t know for sure whether e-cigarettes are healthy, I can say this.  Since quitting smoking and using nicotine gum and e-cigs, I have more energy, I sleep better, I work out more often (due to being motivated to doing so), I eat better and I breath better.  I’m not saying I’m healthier, but I feel better.

The Best Electronic Cigarette Vaporizers On The Market

One electronic cigarette vapor is the same as all the others, right? Actually that couldn’t be more wrong. With the wide selection of electronic cigarette vaporizers available on the market sometimes it is hard for smokers to determine which ones are the best.

Among the best electronic cigarette vaporizers on the market is the Davinci Ascent. Its first selling point is that this is one vaporizer that is easily portable, perfect for busy smokers who never stop. The sleek style of these vaporizers mean that the trendiest smokers flock to this brand as opposed to many others. The Davinci Ascent can be purchased in black, a wood grain or, for the really adventurous, an alligator skin pattern. Aside from its looks this vaporizer also delights smokers everywhere because it can be used in conjunction with blends of oils and dry herbs, making for a truly blissful smoking experience. When a consumer purchases this vaporizer they are getting four glass stems, two of which are internal and two of which are for the mouthpiece of the cigarette. It also comes with two glass jars of oil and a straight water tool adapter. Smokers can transport it in a carrying case or satchel. As long as it is cleaned after every fifth or sixth use this vaporizer will last smokers for a long time to come.

The V2 Pro Series vaporizers are also some of the best on the market. Smokers can use it in conjunction with loose leaves, e-liquids and oils. Though the V2 Pro Series vaporizers are small enough to be easily portable smokers wouldn’t know it by using it because despite its small size it still has a long lasting battery life and enough space in the cartridges that smokers will feel like they are using a full sized vaporizer. Assembling one of these vaporizers is very easy to do because the pieces are magnetic and simply need to be snapped together. Smokers also love this vaporizer because it can automatically detect

E-Cigarette Cartomizer vs. Atomizer – What’s Better?

The first electronic cigarette I tried was one with an atomizer.

The first electronic cigarette kit I bought used a cartomizer. Why?  I didn’t care much for the atomizer system for 2 reasons.

What I don’t like about the atomizer system

  • I don’t like having to push a button to trigger the vapor.
  • I don’t like having to refill it with the juice all the time.

At the end of the day the atomizer e-cig system is more hassle.


I have a friend who only uses the atomizer type of e-cigarette.  The reason she likes it is the vapor inhale is much stronger right off the bat.  She’s right.  In fact, my biggest criticism of cartomizer-type of e-cigarettes is the slight delay for the vapor to hit your throat.  This is because the vaporizer doesn’t kick in quite as quickly as it does when one pushes the button on the atomizer system.

Is this enough of a reason for me to change?

Nope.  I like low production and no hassle.  I’ll take the slight vapor delay with a cartomizer over the better inhale, but more hassle atomizer system.

What’s best for you?

Above I set out the main advantages of both types of e-cigs.  I suggest you try both to see what you prefer.  Both types are popular because we all have our preferences.  If you want less hassle, go with the cartomizer.  If you want a better vapor inhale, go with the atomizer.